Important Cafeteria Notice – As the school year comes to an end, we would like to ask that all school cafeteria accounts be paid in full by May 20, 2016. As of Monday, May 23rd, and through the remainder of the school year, students will not be allowed to charge meals if their account does not have a credit balance. All students must have credit on file to continue using meal services. You may call the cafeteria for more information or to check the balance of your child’s account at 586-5771. Thank you.

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Safe School Ambassador Surveys

The follow-up survey graphs are now here! We took important information that was derived from what we learned in our original surveys, and asked more specific questions to find out how we are doing. Our areas of focus seem to be showing a good amount of improvement. We thank everyone who participated in these school surveys, which has allowed us to make positive changes. Based on our success with the school climate surveys, we anticipate conducting additional surveys for the . . .

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Library Accelerated Reader Books

Find out if any of your students books are considered Accelerated Reader (AR) by clicking on the website below and typing in the title of the book, there you will be able to find out what Book Level (BL) the book is. If you have any questions please contact Wendie Roberts in the Library at (209)586-3266.

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